As a teacher who writes and writer who teaches, I have an exciting professional life.

I began my career as an English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor and as someone with a deep, enduring love for words, picked up a journalism degree along the way. I graduated from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism in 1999.

At the moment, I teach journalism at the University of Groningen (Masters level), and Business English to clients in various industries. When not teaching, I write. As a writer, I’ve always liked to keep my eye on the little guy—where, I believe, it belongs—and am fascinated by both human and natural environments.

On a personal level, I moved frequently as a child, giving me an innate sense of wanderlust. I have lived in five countries and during my travels met people from every imaginable background, which has given me the greatest insight into this quirky thing called human existence. I love being outside on the streets, where the action happens, and where I can have direct contact with people.

I am currently based in Amsterdam, a small yet global city that has welcomed foreigners like me for centuries. As an American, I’ve fallen in love with cycling everywhere. I find the ease of moving around in this way nothing short of a miracle—enough to keep me here through wet, windy winters.