Multiculturalism (2)

Idioms and Reheated Cabbage

Every language has its idioms, which lends color to how we express ourselves both in speaking and in writing. Because idioms express more than their literal meaning, to non-native speakers they sound like a bizarre string of unrelated words. Like being on the ball—only literally possible for circus acts but figuratively speaking, it's a great way to imply someone can react quickly.


Amsterdam's Most Colourful Alley

“I’m not political. I just do this for the people,” says street artist Hero de Jeneiro pointing to his multicolored creations along Wijdesteeg, an alley in Amsterdam just off Dam Square. Jeneiro and friend Ottograph began pimping up the alley in May and it’s been a growing hit with locals and tourists ever since.

Hero, who’s a DJ and artist “You pay, I play—or spray,” he jokes, is painting the Wijdesteeg from his own pocket and has spent 700 euros to date. The goal, he says, is to make Amsterdam beautiful, but also to reawaken the city’s progressive roots.

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